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MUN: Lexi faustian_angel7
AIM: tinmaiden
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Permissions Post [All games]

TRIGGERS.Nope. I promise I won't bite off your head for suggesting/doing something. Sadly, I've never had any trauma that will prevent me from playing dubious scenarios.
MEDICAL INFO. Underweight and he never has quite enough sleep. If he's ill in canon, it's never referenced anywhere. But feel free to "diagnose" him or make observations.
MENTAL INFO. Neurotic, eccentric, and phobic. Same as above.
FOURTH-WALLING. Pleeeease no. This boy has enough of an existential crisis on his hands as it is.
PHYSICAL CONTACT. Go for it if it's IC for your character. Just expect him to freeze up a little.
ROMANCE/SEXUAL RELATIONS. If it's IC, it happens, but L's mind works a little differently. I play him as a virgin, and he has never been in a situation like this with another person. So be patient with him if you want good results. If you want an antagonistic relationship? Have at it.
INJURE/KILL. Injure, yes. Kill, no please, I like playing L and want to keep doing so. ;; If we're in a game together that allows for temporary or semi-permanent death, we can talk about it.
DEVICE HACKING. This depends on the skill of the hacker. L is good with computers, but if another character is a technical genius hacker, it's possible.
ANYTHING ELSE. Just... as a general rule of thumb, if it feels IC for your character, DO IT. Mine will react.

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[The camera flicks on midway through a battle. It appears to be held at about Gengar-height. A frozen-solid Honchkrow crashes to the ground, and Gengar cackles and raises the feed to L and his Froslass. They both look stricken, and maybe a little guilty.]

Falkner is doing is best to take it in stride.]

"Ha! No matter! It's my strongest pokemon's turn to shine! GO PIDGEOT!"

[With a flourish, the gym leader sends out a level 35 Pidgeot. L bites his lip.]

Gamine, use... Powder Snow...

[She does so. Very, very carefully. But the level 80 Froslass is more than twice as strong as Falkner's toughest, and even though the attack appears relatively gentle, it's about 2 full seconds before the Pidgeot is, likewise, crashing to the ground. Falkner sighs, approaching L and handing him the badge, which L plucks from his palm with his thumb and forefinger.]

"Congratulations. This is the Zephyr Badge. That was really a close fight!"

[L gives him a deadpan stare.]

No. It wasn't. Please heal your pokemon, and next time at least consider forfeiting when the chance is offered to you.

[His Froslass is drifting over to the fainted Pidgeot. She reaches out a little hand to poke at its limp body.]

[OOC: The badge. It's that thing. Mod-approved. Keep calm and carry on~]

Entry #B-8: "Benign" [Audio]

I'm intending to battle Falkner within the next few days. Does anyone know if he would be willing to surrender to someone before a fight, to save himself the trouble of healing his bird pokemon? I really don't want to injure any of them too badly.

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[L's Gengar Slightly flicks on L's pokegear, seeming to be in something of a rush. Because there's a little red egg with teal spots twitching and rocking, and even if his trainer's not here, he absolutely has to get this on film.

L does return in time to actually see the egg hatch, though, standing in the doorway and observing quietly as a Rotom looks around, emitting soft, humming electric sounds.

It's really cute.]

[L approaches, tilting his head. He'd had a name planned for the Rotom, but now he really thinks that it doesn't fit well at all. He gives a slight smile.]


[The little pokemon looks up and keens, recognizing that it's a name, that it refers to Rotom now. That "Leitmotif" makes it different from all the other Rotoms.

But L's Gengar seems to have a problem with this. He butts in between L and his new pokemon, addressing the blinking and buzzing Rotom.]

What a fucking lameass nerdy name. Your name is totally going to be BLACKHEART!

[The Rotom just looks confused, now. L narrows his eyes; though he can't understand his Gengar's speech, he demands an explanation. To which his Gengar delivers a scrawled and nearly illiterate message on the wall.]


No, it is not "Blackheart." It is "Leitmotif."


No! "Leitmotif!"


[A Steelix's tail comes crashing down on Slightly the Gengar, not hard enough to break the wood floor, but definitely enough to cause the building to shake and to soundly shut the marauding ghost pokemon up.]

[OOC: This is on the networks, but feel free to run to the room if you're staying near the inn and heard the sound. :D ]
[It's a pretty relaxing 4th of July for L. He's just at the pokemon center in the afternoon, absentmindedly feeding his Drifloon Wiredrawn bits of poffins while he waits for the rest of his monsters to be healed. An egg is sitting in his lap. His Haunter, however, is snickering quietly from behind the hovering pokegear. He positions it so that it can film him, his snicker turning into a wicked cackle as he takes his own pokeball and switches it with another trainer's before returning to his own.

When L's pokemon are returned to him a few minutes later, he takes a moment to carefully tuck away the egg in a safe place before picking up what he thinks is Slightly's pokeball. He presses the button, and gapes as a very confused Pikachu blinks up at him.]

You're... not my pokemon...

[From across the pokemon center, there is suddenly a very loud sound.]


I didn't trade you! I made it a point not to trade you!

Blehhhhh hehehheheheh!

[L hurries forward to save the bewildered kid who's wondering how his pikachu got so huge and purple, retrieving what will now certainly be an even bigger troll.

His Drifloon floats over to the pokegear and happily starts nudging it. He thinks he's typing an awesome message.]

[L's pokegear flickers on. Judging from the height and position, it is on a bookshelf in a room at a well-furnished and comfortable-looking inn. A television is well within view of the camera feed, and the room is empty save for L's Haunter Slightly.

Not for long, though. L returns; a week of not eating while his soul was missing has left him looking gaunter than usual, and he seems to be making up for lost time as far as sweets are concerned. He scatters various candy bars, wrapped cupcakes, and pieces of candy on the bed, arranging them compulsively, first by color, then by alphabetical order, then by percentage of chocolate, seeming to be deciding in his methodical way which one he wants to eat first.]



[L glances up at his pokemon, seeming annoyed.]

Slightly, I haven't the time right now. Later, we'll train later...

[Slightly responds by shoving a videotape in L's face. Before L can take it, he's drifting over to the room's television and VCR, popping the tape in and turning on the television.]

[It is footage of L's time as a soulless husk. He looks awful; his pallor and stillness make him look a little too corpselike, and it's pretty clear by the way L's shoulders stiffen that he's uncomfortable seeing himself in such a vulnerable state. He starts to turn away, anxious to focus on his snack arrangements and not dwell too much on what he recalls as a very dark time, but Slightly is pretty damn insistent on his continued attention. He blocks L, sticking his tongue out, and L sighs and looks back at the TV screen.

In the video, Belphegor of Sloth has just entered the room, looking exhausted and sad. She's carrying a bowl of warm water, a sponge, and a bar of soap, setting the items down on the bedside table. She bows her head slightly, offering a soft apology to the unconscious man before gently taking off his shirt and revealing a bony torso. Quietly and carefully, she starts cleaning him. L leans closer, thumb in his mouth, perching on the edge of his bed and watching the footage with a great deal of interest. It's difficult to read the expression on his blank, pale face, but he's concentrating hard, fixing Belphegor's actions with a searching gaze. When she's finished cleaning his back, arms and chest, her hand strays uncertainly to the button on his jeans, as if debating whether or not she would be overstepping her bounds if she tried to clean the rest of him, too. She only has time to hesitate, though, because in the video, Slightly is charging her and bellowing. Belphegor hastily recoils, the sponge falling from her hands, and the Haunter scoops it up triumphantly and starts scrubbing L with a great deal of force and energy.

L sighs and stops the video.]

I suppose that explains why I was so chafed when I woke up. Slightly...!

[His dismay is due to the Haunter scrawling in huge letters on the wall.]


[L sets his jaw and presses the button on the Haunter's pokeball, recalling the errant ghost. Then he stiffens, turning and noticing the pokegear happily recording on the shelf.]

Fuck me.

[He turns the thing off.]
[It looks like a pretty typical scene from L's life. Slightly the Haunter is floating nearby with L's pokegear, and L is crouched in the grass outside Sprout Tower speaking in a soft voice to his Snorunt Gamine. His Ninetales Kith and his Kadabra Parse seem to be absorbed in conversation, and his Drifloon is swaying lazily in the slight breeze.]

Level 35, as of today... I'm very proud of you. You've made good progress. You're hardly the helpless baby pokemon that hatched after Easter, Gamine.


[She squirms with joy at his praise.]

What do you think? One more battle to celebrate?

[He turns, noticing Slightly, but seeming to care less today, somehow, that he's being recorded. He seems tired, but in a wholesome, good way, as if he's been working with his monsters for several hours and doesn't have the energy to care about Alfred Hitchcock up there. Clinging to the wall of Sprout Tower is a small, strange beetle-like pokemon, and L approaches it. Even by bug pokemon standards, it looks harmless, even if the markings on its back are strangely compelling. L has a particular penchant and fascination with finding patterns, and he can't not stare at it.]

Snorunt, use...

[The words die on his tongue. His eyes widen for a brief moment, and Kith's head jerks up. She bounds toward him just in time to keep him from collapsing hard and slamming his head against a nearby rock, but keeping him upright is a losing battle. She backs up, concern clear in her dark eyes as she lays him in the grass as gently as she can. He's unconscious, absolutely limp, and his breathing is soft and shallow.]

"Sno! Snorunt... Snorunt!!!"

[Gamine is in full-out panic mode, nudging him insistently, getting no response. Kith growls and bristles at the Shedinja, which buzzes away with a whir of its wings. But the little ice pokemon stops, spotting the Dawn Stone L has been keeping in the grass. It must have tumbled out of his pack when he collapsed. She moves towards it, and Kith pounces, stepping on it, blocking Gamine's access.]

"Niiiinetales." //You're not thinking clearly. Don't do anything unless you're sure you want it. He's always told you that.//

"Sno! Snorunt! Snorunt! Sno!" //That's not important! I have to help him! There's something very wrong with that bug that flew away just now, he was looking at it!//

"Haaaaaunter...." //There's something fucking missing. Even if he wakes up, he is not gonna be our trainer.//

[The Ninetales picks her foot up, stepping aside, allowing the Snorunt a clear path to wobble and totter towards it. She topples over onto it, and a brilliant flash lights the area.]

[OOC: L's had his soul stolen! Any network contact will be handled by L's pokemon. Anyone in Violet who wants to actually assist him might have to reckon with a fiercely loyal team, but they're desperate for help. Especially from friends. :< ]